Ballard Pacific is Riding On Wheels!

From Bicycles to Skateboards, and from Electric Riding Toys to Hand-Pulled Wagons, Ballard Pacific is your company for rolling fun. When you see Columbia or Hyper Bicycles, think Ballard. When you see Yamaha or Toyota children's riding toys, think Ballard. When you see Dew Tour skateboards, again, think Ballard.

Ballard Pacific is Riding on Wheels!

Cutting-edge American design teams, paired with world-wide production facilities and logistics capacities, makes Ballard Pacific the leader in the development, manufacturing & selling of wheeled recreational products. We've teamed up with Columbia Bicycles, Dew Tour, Yamaha, Hyper Bicycles & MotionTrendz to bring the newest designs to the mass market.

Ballard Pacific is Riding on Wheels!

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Ballard Pacific is Riding on Wheels!

MotionTrendz is comprised of hyper-bicycle and electric ride-on toys. There is a good chance you've already seen our MotionTrendz toy vehicles under names like Yamaha Raptor, Toyota FJ Cruiser, or even a Disney Princess Scooter! MotionTrendz riding toys are everywhere!

M/L 1937 and M/L Streamliners Available 1-1-15 on

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